At Pawduke, we believe every dog deserves a treat!

These days, however, more and more dogs are suffering from allergies – to meats, to grains, to fruits and vegetables.  While you love your pet and would do anything for him, it is a dog owner’s nightmare trying to find products that won’t adversely affect your dog’s skin, ears, stomach, etc.  You put in countless hours reading food labels, searching the internet and choosing the best food for him, but you shouldn’t have to work so hard when it comes to dog treats.  We have made it easy for you…

Pawduke All Natural Dog Treats are wheat-free, corn-free, soy-free and vegetarian.  We even have grain-free vegetarian flavors.  Made in the USA with ingredients sourced in the USA, you are sure to find a healthy and tasty treat to suit your dog’s needs.  There is no guesswork involved in reading our label.  What you see is what you get, simple human quality ingredients you would find in your own kitchen that work to improve your dog’s overall health and appearance.

Try Pawduke All Natural Dog Treats today!  But a word to the wise… be prepared.  Once your dog gets a whiff, tails will be wagging and mouths will be watering for more!